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27 October 2016

A New Boomerang

Have a go at creating a boomerang

Those of an addictive or compulsive nature probably shouldn't try to fly one!

The YouTube video and Instructable should give you all you need to get started.

I made mine from pallet wood, just for the challenge of it.

Of course, you'll need to test fly and make adjustments before you achieve the perfect boomerang performance, but surely that's half the fun!

These sketches should help you visualize the aerodynamic profiles required:

21 October 2016

Router Planing Jig

The latest of my Instructables to be published is
My Router Planing Jig

You can also find A Free SketchUp model for the jig on my Downloads page.

Hope you enjoy it.

15 October 2016

T-Shirt Giveaway News

Congratulations Nick
The first Lee Cooper Workwear t-shirt giveaway on my YouTube channel was won this week by Nick (pictured right).

The letters 'K', 'O', and 'A', were included in the Tanga Tanga, Trend T31 Review, and European Walnut videos, and there were two acceptable answers: Koa, and Oak.

The next t-shirt giveaway begins now, with four letters to be included in future videos (not every video has a letter). If, I have at least one correct entry, one week after the final video is published, then a winner will be drawn then. If not, I'll issue a reminder and wait another week, and so on until there is a winner.

Remember, all you need to do is collect the letters, share the videos (any method you like), arrange the letters to make a woodworking term, and email me the word.