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22 November 2017

Sharing Helps

I like to share my woodworking experience, to help other's get started in this great pastime/career.
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14 November 2017

Making a Wooden Maul

So I needed a wooden maul to help split leg blanks from a hunk of apple. Using a metal club hammer, as I did for the spindles last December, does damage to the back of the froe, and is therefore not recommended.

Looking through my firewood pile, I found an ideal piece of hardwood. It had come from a neighbour, and I'm not sure what species it was although it's possible it may have been a rhododendron. Anyway, that's not important in this instance - Wooden mauls get mashed up during use, and are very much considered consumable items to be replaced as needed. This piece was a good size and weight in the palm, and it had a large scar from where a branch amputation had healed around that would allow it to sit steady rather than roll around.
A hunt in the workshop turned up a large wooden dowel, that was once the centre of a roller-blind, which would make a fine handle.
To see how I made the wooden maul, check out the Instructable, and watch the video.
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