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14 November 2017

Making a Wooden Maul

So I needed a wooden maul to help split leg blanks from a hunk of apple. Using a metal club hammer, as I did for the spindles last December, does damage to the back of the froe, and is therefore not recommended.

Looking through my firewood pile, I found an ideal piece of hardwood. It had come from a neighbour, and I'm not sure what species it was although it's possible it may have been a rhododendron. Anyway, that's not important in this instance - Wooden mauls get mashed up during use, and are very much considered consumable items to be replaced as needed. This piece was a good size and weight in the palm, and it had a large scar from where a branch amputation had healed around that would allow it to sit steady rather than roll around.
A hunt in the workshop turned up a large wooden dowel, that was once the centre of a roller-blind, which would make a fine handle.
To see how I made the wooden maul, check out the Instructable, and watch the video.
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19 October 2017

Win a Lee Cooper Workwear T-shirt

The latest conundrum giveaway wasn't won, so here's a chance to enter a free draw for the prize of a Lee Cooper Workwear t-shirt.

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19 September 2017

Live Streams?

I've offered to provide some live stream video from the workshop to my supporters on Patreon. I'm waiting to hear the response, but if that's something that would interest you then head over to Patreon and for as little as $1/month you could get a chance to influence this, and other, decisions.
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