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16 December 2013

Butterfly Keyed Mitre

Yet another joint for the series.

The Butterfly Keyed Mitre joint would be an interesting choice for strengthening the corners of a face frame or picture frame. Prepared carefully, it could be used as a feature on the show side of the work.

My Doweling Guide / Jig / System

Commercial doweling jigs are either cheap, producing poor quality results, or over-priced, in my opinion. So what does one do?
My solution to this dilemma is to design and build my own. And since you took the trouble to look at my website, you can copy the idea yourself, so long as it isn't for commercial purposes.
This video shows the construction of the main drill guide block. More videos will follow, covering the add-ons and a demonstration of some of its features.

Fox Wedged Mortise and Tenon

The Fox Wedged Mortise and Tenon joins the joints series

8 December 2013

Maloof Style Rocker - Take Two!

Helped out a new woodworker to build a Maloof style rocker last week, like the one I made last year.
Lot of fun, and really challenged my recall.
Looking forward to receiving photos of the finished chair, once all the hand shaping has been completed.
Take a look at the photo show below:

16 November 2013

13 November 2013

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 12. Dowel & Shape Arms and Refine Backrest

In the twelfth video of this series, I use drill for the arm to front leg dowel, start shaping the arms, and refine the backrest shape.

12 November 2013

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 11. Profile Arms and Backrest

In the eleventh video of this series, I use the band saw to rough cut the arm profiles, and the backrest profile through it's length.
Use of the band saw for cutting the arm profiles follows the basic rules for safety, however my technique when cutting the backrest profile is dangerous to attempt - I have plenty of experience, a lot of respect for the saw, and still have all ten fingers.
Be careful!

7 November 2013

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 10. Screw Backrest, and Glue Wedges

In the tenth video of this series, I drill for the backrest fitting, and temporarily screw it on, and glue the magic aligning wedges to the rear legs.

5 November 2013

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 9. Arm Blanks, and Magic Wedges

In the ninth video of this series, I prepare arm blanks, and use the cutoffs from the rear legs as magic aligning wedges.

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 8. Fitting of the Backrest

In the eighth video of this series, I cut the backrest blank to fit between the rear legs. The curved lamination blank means we have to think of a way to keep the cuts parallel; and the simple solution to this problem should come in handy elsewhere.

4 November 2013

SketchUp Low Back Chair Woes

Unfortunately my SketchUp skills are pretty limited, and this chair with all it's sexy curves is proving too difficult for me to model that well. Can you help?

I've spent quite a while trying to pull together a model of the low back chair, and despite some helpful hints from viewers the results are not too good. You can at least get the basic idea, and the model components join in the same way as the chair is being built.

As far as supplying plans for the chair, I will be doing this as simple 2D drawings, that users can scale up to 1:1 templates.

However, if anyone out there is a wiz with SketchUp, and would like to help produce a polished model of the chair, that would be great.

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 7. Temporary fitting of the Legs

In the seventh video of this series, I drill fixing holes in the legs to attach them to the seat, and then temporarily screw them together. This is to allow fitting of the backrest, and preparation of arm blanks, which will be the subject of the following two videos.

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 6. Shaping Legs and Drilling for Dowels

In the sixth video of this series, I drill dowel holes in the top of the front legs to attach the arms, and then start shaping the legs.

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 5. Seat & Leg Profiles, and Seat Shaping

In the fifth video of this series, I cut the seat and leg profiles, and then shape the scooped seat.

3 November 2013

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 4. Seat Joints on Legs

In the fourth video of this series, I make the joints on the legs, which attach to the seat.

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 3. Leg Joints on Seat

In the third video of this series, I make the joints on the seat, which attach to the legs. The joint is widely attributed to Sam Maloof; one of several woodworkers who have influenced me.

23 October 2013

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 2. Biscuit Seat & Taper Legs

In the second video of this series, I start joining the seat boards together, check how the laminated backrest came out, and taper the rear legs.

21 October 2013

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 'Recycle'

You will know that I have been designing a sexy low back chair for a couple of months.

I was pretty pleased with the model I made, and decided to create a full scale prototype.

Not liking waste, and having a stack of reclaimed timber from packing crates and pallets cluttering up the place, they seemed like the obvious material to use.

In this first video, I laminate boards to make the four leg blanks, and mark out the leg shapes ready to cut. I prepare the boards to make a scooped seat, and I laminate a bent back rest/rail.

Low Back Chair Prototype

Coming along

13 October 2013

Bandsaw Bridle Joint

I'm filming the odd joint, using power tools (hand power tools, and machinery), as and when it fits in with my workshop tasks.
The Bandsaw Bridle Joint is the first one, and once there are a few, I shall put them in a playlist.

The majority of my furniture is now jointed by hand, out of choice. I enjoy a less noisy and dusty environment, and my results are superior too. However, you can produce very good results with power tools, so I hope a small series will be appreciated.

9 October 2013

Looking good now

 The low back chair maquette is now finished.

I'm very happy with it, although I would like make some small changes to the back/arm/rear leg area.

Next step will be to build a full size mock up in softwood, including the slight changes to the back/arm/rear leg area.

To begin with, I will make some full size patterns on paper. Transfer these onto some hardboard, to use as templates.

2 October 2013

Coffin Smoother Restoration on my YouTube channel

I've just completed a short series on YouTube, where I tackle an old wooden coffin plane. Trying to get it working and tuned up as a smoother.

I don't have experience of these planes, so it was quite interesting for me, and I'm left pondering whether there are some more improvements I could make.

Take a look. I hope you enjoy it.

28 September 2013

Not So Armless - My Chair Progresses

I roughed out some arms for my chair maquette this evening.

 Some work with rifflers and files,
and I'll be ready to fix it together.

24 September 2013

YouTube Joints Series continues

My series of videos on cutting woodworking joints is going well, with eleven joints now published, and two more in the can ready for editing.
The latest joint in the series is the tenon and mitre. This joint includes a hidden tenon within what looks like a standard mitre joint. Consequently it is significantly stronger, and well worth the effort if your mitre is likely to come under any stress.

17 September 2013

Legs Taking Shape

 Roughing out the legs makes a huge difference to the appearance at this early stage.
I'm still undecided on the arm shape, so it's back to the sketch pad now.

16 September 2013

Can You See What It Is Yet?

Had a little spare time to progress the chair maquette.

 This view gives a fairly good idea of the joinery technique I'm using. It's based on the chair leg joint usually attributed to Sam Maloof, and is the same as that used on my rocker.

Below, you can see that I've made  good progress carving out the seat.

And this photo gives you a fair idea of the proportions.

Watch out for the next installment!

12 September 2013

Side Chair or Pile of Off-Cuts?

Not much to see yet!
I've been working on the design for a side chair for some time now. Too many sketches to count.
Anyway, after mocking up a few with cardboard, today I put wood to saw.
I'm building a quarter scale maquette of my favoured design, which should highlight any potential problems before making the real thing.

11 September 2013

New Videos on Measuring and Marking Out Tools

Check out some of the new videos I've posted on YouTube, discussing measuring and marking out tools.
Like this one about the Engineer's Try-Square:

5 September 2013

Woodworking Joints Series now started on YouTube

Check out my new series on woodworking joints.

There are eight joints as of the 5th September 2013, with many more to be added as time goes by.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive updates as new videos are posted.

20 August 2013

The Multi-Skills Workshop

I can highly recommend the Multi-Skills Workshop to anyone within travelling distance of Polegate, East Sussex.
Take a look at this short video I made there recently:

A large number of courses are available, and the Autumn/Winter term dates are now available.

There are open mornings coming up soon, so why not go along and see for yourself:

Saturday mornings from 0900 until 1300, on the 31st August, 7th and 14th September 2013

Give David a call on 01323 488886

19 August 2013

Breadboard Bread Bin Lid - in Cherry and Pine

A central strip of cherry, flanked by the two halves of a ripped pine board, give a pleasant contrast that will develop further over time.

Flip the lid, which is flat, over to use the underside as a breadboard.

The shellac finish can be easily re-polished, and being non-toxic is fine for cutting bread on.

Watch the short video of how I made it:
I'll show you the initial stock preparation, recessed handle details, glue up, flattening of glued up board, cutting out and sanding the irregular oval shape, softening the edges, and cutting the rebate that locates the lid on the bread bin. All that, in twelve and a half minutes, thanks to some video magic!

29 June 2013

YouTube Presence for WOmadeOD

I have finally joined the video age, and WOmadeOD now has a YouTube channel:

WOmadeOD on Youtube

Here you will find videos of projects, demonstrations, techniques, etc., all to do with wood and woodwork.

Let me know what you think.

23 May 2013

Japanese Planing Board plus

My personal take of the Japanese Planing Board includes a rear planing rail for shooting, a wide front vice ideal for corner joints, Japanese and European sawing stops, and removable/replaceable planing stop and feet.

Check out for the video of me making it too.

16 April 2013

Call out to Carl - Congratulations on your Hall Table

I have been helping to introduce Carl to the art of fine furniture making, and the possibilities of leaving his power tools on the shelf.

We have covered aspects of design, timber selection, layout, rough milling of stock, face and face edge preparation, marking out, edge jointing, mortise and tenon joints, glue-up and clamping, finish preparation, and finishing.

All the while, Carl has been making a hall table out of locally sourced oak.

With the build now complete, and a first coat of finish applied, I thought I would take the opportunity to congratulate Carl on his progress. Well Done!

13 April 2013

Extending Dining Table in Oak

The three tops are easily removed, and the long base rails are attached to the short leg frames by knock-down joints, making it much easier to move or store away.

1 April 2013

Marudai in Oak and Iroko

Glad to see this item now in use. It was a bit of fun to make something quite different, and a pleasure to know that it is now in daily use.

Please don't ask me how to braid with it!

However if you would like one let me know.