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16 April 2013

Call out to Carl - Congratulations on your Hall Table

I have been helping to introduce Carl to the art of fine furniture making, and the possibilities of leaving his power tools on the shelf.

We have covered aspects of design, timber selection, layout, rough milling of stock, face and face edge preparation, marking out, edge jointing, mortise and tenon joints, glue-up and clamping, finish preparation, and finishing.

All the while, Carl has been making a hall table out of locally sourced oak.

With the build now complete, and a first coat of finish applied, I thought I would take the opportunity to congratulate Carl on his progress. Well Done!

13 April 2013

Extending Dining Table in Oak

The three tops are easily removed, and the long base rails are attached to the short leg frames by knock-down joints, making it much easier to move or store away.

1 April 2013

Marudai in Oak and Iroko

Glad to see this item now in use. It was a bit of fun to make something quite different, and a pleasure to know that it is now in daily use.

Please don't ask me how to braid with it!

However if you would like one let me know.