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28 September 2013

Not So Armless - My Chair Progresses

I roughed out some arms for my chair maquette this evening.

 Some work with rifflers and files,
and I'll be ready to fix it together.

24 September 2013

YouTube Joints Series continues

My series of videos on cutting woodworking joints is going well, with eleven joints now published, and two more in the can ready for editing.
The latest joint in the series is the tenon and mitre. This joint includes a hidden tenon within what looks like a standard mitre joint. Consequently it is significantly stronger, and well worth the effort if your mitre is likely to come under any stress.

17 September 2013

Legs Taking Shape

 Roughing out the legs makes a huge difference to the appearance at this early stage.
I'm still undecided on the arm shape, so it's back to the sketch pad now.

16 September 2013

Can You See What It Is Yet?

Had a little spare time to progress the chair maquette.

 This view gives a fairly good idea of the joinery technique I'm using. It's based on the chair leg joint usually attributed to Sam Maloof, and is the same as that used on my rocker.

Below, you can see that I've made  good progress carving out the seat.

And this photo gives you a fair idea of the proportions.

Watch out for the next installment!

12 September 2013

Side Chair or Pile of Off-Cuts?

Not much to see yet!
I've been working on the design for a side chair for some time now. Too many sketches to count.
Anyway, after mocking up a few with cardboard, today I put wood to saw.
I'm building a quarter scale maquette of my favoured design, which should highlight any potential problems before making the real thing.

11 September 2013

New Videos on Measuring and Marking Out Tools

Check out some of the new videos I've posted on YouTube, discussing measuring and marking out tools.
Like this one about the Engineer's Try-Square:

5 September 2013

Woodworking Joints Series now started on YouTube

Check out my new series on woodworking joints.

There are eight joints as of the 5th September 2013, with many more to be added as time goes by.

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