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23 October 2013

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 2. Biscuit Seat & Taper Legs

In the second video of this series, I start joining the seat boards together, check how the laminated backrest came out, and taper the rear legs.

21 October 2013

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 'Recycle'

You will know that I have been designing a sexy low back chair for a couple of months.

I was pretty pleased with the model I made, and decided to create a full scale prototype.

Not liking waste, and having a stack of reclaimed timber from packing crates and pallets cluttering up the place, they seemed like the obvious material to use.

In this first video, I laminate boards to make the four leg blanks, and mark out the leg shapes ready to cut. I prepare the boards to make a scooped seat, and I laminate a bent back rest/rail.

Low Back Chair Prototype

Coming along

13 October 2013

Bandsaw Bridle Joint

I'm filming the odd joint, using power tools (hand power tools, and machinery), as and when it fits in with my workshop tasks.
The Bandsaw Bridle Joint is the first one, and once there are a few, I shall put them in a playlist.

The majority of my furniture is now jointed by hand, out of choice. I enjoy a less noisy and dusty environment, and my results are superior too. However, you can produce very good results with power tools, so I hope a small series will be appreciated.

9 October 2013

Looking good now

 The low back chair maquette is now finished.

I'm very happy with it, although I would like make some small changes to the back/arm/rear leg area.

Next step will be to build a full size mock up in softwood, including the slight changes to the back/arm/rear leg area.

To begin with, I will make some full size patterns on paper. Transfer these onto some hardboard, to use as templates.

2 October 2013

Coffin Smoother Restoration on my YouTube channel

I've just completed a short series on YouTube, where I tackle an old wooden coffin plane. Trying to get it working and tuned up as a smoother.

I don't have experience of these planes, so it was quite interesting for me, and I'm left pondering whether there are some more improvements I could make.

Take a look. I hope you enjoy it.