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16 December 2013

Butterfly Keyed Mitre

Yet another joint for the series.

The Butterfly Keyed Mitre joint would be an interesting choice for strengthening the corners of a face frame or picture frame. Prepared carefully, it could be used as a feature on the show side of the work.

My Doweling Guide / Jig / System

Commercial doweling jigs are either cheap, producing poor quality results, or over-priced, in my opinion. So what does one do?
My solution to this dilemma is to design and build my own. And since you took the trouble to look at my website, you can copy the idea yourself, so long as it isn't for commercial purposes.
This video shows the construction of the main drill guide block. More videos will follow, covering the add-ons and a demonstration of some of its features.

Fox Wedged Mortise and Tenon

The Fox Wedged Mortise and Tenon joins the joints series

8 December 2013

Maloof Style Rocker - Take Two!

Helped out a new woodworker to build a Maloof style rocker last week, like the one I made last year.
Lot of fun, and really challenged my recall.
Looking forward to receiving photos of the finished chair, once all the hand shaping has been completed.
Take a look at the photo show below: