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31 January 2014

Small Cabinet Progress - Update 2

With the doors completed, I've started to construct the cabinet 'box'.
Check the series for the latest video: Playlist

Now that the dimensions are pretty much set, I shall be completing the SketchUp model. Once that's done I will put it up on the site for download. For those without SketchUp, I will publish some simple plans too.

22 January 2014

Small Cabinet Progress - Update 1

The new build, a small cabinet on a base, is underway now.

See link to series in previous post, below.

Here's a picture of the first completed door:

14 January 2014

Small Cabinet on a Stand

Watch as I build a small cabinet on a stand. Free plans available.

7 January 2014

Sexy Low Back Chair Prototype - 17. The Finish!

I finally got round to finishing this prototype. It's real comfy, and I now use it while I edit my videos and update the website!

4 January 2014

Stub Twin Mortise and Tenon Joint

Often used when components are joined in their width rather than their thickness. Doubles the long grain to long grain glue surface area. The long grain to long grain glue joints are closer to the face edges, for the same mortise cross sectional area, reducing the chances of joint line distortion whilst maintaining component strength, and keeping joint lines tight.

3 January 2014

Mitred Halving Joint (a.k.a. Mitred Half Lap, Lapped Mitre Joint....)

Another joint for you. This time a mitred halving joint.

Another way to reinforce a simple mitre joint. The half lap is only visible from one edge, and so in many cases could be orientated so as not to be seen, yet it's superior joint strength (over that of a simple mitre) should hold up well in many applications.