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17 April 2014

Turned box

When I was turning my yew bowl, I found the two halves of a turned box that I had started making sometime last year.

Since I was "in the zone", I chucked these well seasoned pieces, one after the other, and turned them true. Then I formed the lips for the press fit joint, mounted the closed box between centres to perfect the flowing curve, used a jam chuck to allow the top and bottom to be completed, and finished the box with tung oil and wax.

I don't consider myself experienced enough to produce an instructional video on turning just yet, but I'm trying to get plenty of regular practice, so maybe in the future!

My largest bowl to date

Well here it is.

I'm pretty pleased with the finished bowl. It must be at least three times larger than any of the other facework turnings I've done to date - with the exception of my bandsaw wheels that is.

I roughed the bowl out in one session to a thickness of about 10mm max. Then two days later cleaned it up and applied some ring oil finish.

Hopefully it will survive drying out - I think perhaps I should have consulted a turning book first!

Makin' shavings at the lathe

I use the lathe mostly for turned parts of furniture projects, so my experience is almost exclusively spindle turning with just some small facework for knobs, etc.

Having just been gifted a couple of slices of a modest yew butt, I decided to experiment with a bowl.

After half an hour roughing out a blank on my home made bandsaw, I was at the lathe. The shavings sure flew from the wet wood.