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1 August 2014

Planer/Thicknesser Setup Gauge

Having been asked about the knife setting gauge I used in my video 'Setup of a Planer Thicknesser'...

I decided to photograph it...

adding dimensions and details...

 then I thought why not publish a short video on it too:

The gauge is for use with a 63mm diameter cutter block, which is found on many of the small hobby/light trade machines.
The idea is to set the knife blade the in the little notch, so that it just touches, and then snug the locking bolts up, checking each end and the centre for blade height. My machine uses grub screws to raise and lower the knives, and so I can set the blade height along it's length before locking it down. If you have a spring system, then you would benefit from having at least two of these gauges; using one towards each end at the same time, whilst snugging up on the locking bolts.
Don't forget, your machines tables need to be set parallel to the cutter block for this system to work. If they are not, and can't be altered, then you will need to 'shim out' the error when using the gauge at one end of the block. Once perfected, make a pair of gauges. One for the left and one for the right.
An improvement on this gauge would be to make the 'feet' wide enough for it to stand up on it's own, freeing up both hands.