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25 January 2015

The Secret Mitre Dovetail

Check out the recent video on how to prepare a secret mitre dovetail.

Flat Dovetail Marking Gauge

I recently posted a YouTube video on how to prepare a flat marking gauge for use when laying out the pins in a secret mitre dovetail.

I'm now pleased to say that, thanks to the efforts of Peter (a subscriber from Germany), there is now a pdf file available on the downloads page. This provides both a dimensioned drawing, for marking out directly onto the sheet metal, and a scalable pattern which can be stuck onto the metal.

21 January 2015

Additional dates for courses

I've added some additional days this summer for tutorials here with me in Eastbourne. Keep checking for more dates.

Check out the Help & Tuition page for details

18 January 2015

Tools page updated

Just to let you know that the Tools page has been updated with the latest tool related videos.
I'll try to keep it up to date in future ;)

8 January 2015

Upcoming videos

I've had some time spare to shoot some more video for the Hand Cut Joints series. There's still the job of editing to do, but I should soon be uploading the following titles (exact names may change):

  • Loose Tongue Mitre (a.k.a. Spline Mitre)
  • Planing a Carcass Mitre
  • Making a Marking Gauge for Secret Mitre Dovetails
  • Secret Mitre Dovetail (a.k.a. Full Blind Dovetail)

Hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed making them.