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28 February 2015

Shop 2 Support Launched

In line with my decision to keep all my online WOmadeOD content free, forever, I am launching a Shop 2 Support store, where you can purchase items for yourself.

The 'WOmadeOD Store' can be found by clicking 'Shop 2 Support' in the menu above, available on all of the site's pages.

WOmadeOD Store specialises in displaying woodworking related items, making it easy to find stuff you'll like, but you can also use the 'Powered By Amazon' link in the search box to visit the entire site.

I've included a 'Highly Recommended' section, which includes stuff that I've bought and found most useful or interesting, and also sections for recommended books and dvds that take my eye.

I hope you will consider starting some, or even all, of your future Amazon visits by clicking through the WOmadeOD Store.

27 February 2015

Mitre Shooting Board Build

I recently posted a video intruduction to the mitre shooting board, followed up by one showing how I built mine.

There was a good response to the offer of plans, and I hope to get those done in the future. Until then, I have done a couple of quick sketches which should be sufficient to help anyone eager to build their own.
You can find them here: Sketches.

Introduction video:
Build video:

1 February 2015

Check out the recent video on how to prepare a rising dovetail.