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29 June 2015

Don't Miss Out On #TOOLMake15 - One Month to Go!

If you haven't entered #TOOLMake15 yet, you still have a whole month to make a tool (or three!) in your shop and enter it.
It doesn't have to be original or flash, just something that helps out doing a tast. Personally, I think you could all manage that, so no excuses, get making!
Full details here
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21 June 2015

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all woodworking dads.

I hope you had the chance for some time in the shop. I know what it can be like, and so far I've only managed enough time to take two photo's! Dutifully watching a family movie at present, while itching to get on with what's sitting on my bench. Well, at least it's only once a year, and I did get a nice present of some Milky Bar Buttons - energy pills for hand woodworkers­čśü.

Oh yes, those photos. Can you guess what this is? No prizes, is just for fun. I hope to release a video in a few weeks that will provide the answer.

16 June 2015

Update to #TOOLMake15

Those great guys at Inventables have told me that their prize need not be limited to the U.S.

I know that will be welcomed by many, especially those who have looked through the Inventables website.

Thanks guys!

10 June 2015

New series starts at 00:00(GMT) 11th January

Be the first to view episode one of a new collaboration series I'm taking part in.

The video is scheduled to go live at 00:00(GMT) tonight! That's 1am for my fellow Brits.

It will appear as a new post on this blog, so keep tuned!

1 June 2015

Fox Wedged Mortise and Tenon Photo Guide

I've added some more photo guides for hand cut joints, the latest of which is the fox wedged mortise and tenon. Select 'Joints' from the menu above to see them all.

Fox Wedged Mortise and Tenon