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26 July 2015

Cross for St. John's, Meads, Eastbourne

The local church needed a temporary cross, whilst the original was repaired after falling off.

This video shows me making and erecting it.

Please comment on the style that the guest director brought to it.

21 July 2015

Knuckle Joint - Video & Instructable Launch

So, today marks the first joint (pardon the pun) launch of both a 'Hand Cut Joints' series video, and an accompanying Instructable.

The Knuckle Joint,
is the first articulated joint to feature in the series, and should be familiar to anyone who has seen a classic Pembroke table or fold-out card table.

I hope you enjoy both the video and instructable.

18 July 2015

Final joints on the sofa table

I've completed the joints for the sofa table, and the video will be released at 2pm (GMT+1) Sunday 19th July.
Please take a look as soon as you can and let me know what you think:  

I ordered the glass over two weeks ago, but it's still not here. I went with a complicated design for a change, and it had to be sent for cnc cutting and polishing.

13 July 2015

WOmadeOD on Instructables

You can now enjoy Instructables created by WOmadeOD

Two are entered in contests, so please take a look and vote for your favorites.

Solid Oak Picnic Table for Ten in Outside Contest
Low Back Chair from Pallets in Pallet Contest

They all include the appropriate YouTube video from my channel.

Please like, comment, share, and follow me on Instructables.

Card Scraper Sharpening on Instructables

You can now view Instructables on sharpening straight and curved card scrapers:

Straight Card Scraper 
(which includes turning a burr - applicable to all)

Concave Card Scraper

Convex Card Scraper

They all include the appropriate YouTube video from my channel.

Please like, comment, share, and follow me on Instructables.

7 July 2015

Survey Time - hooray!!

I know you'll be really excited about this! 😂

Please could you spare a minute to take a quick survey about my site: click here

It would be much appreciated.

2 July 2015

Easy Frog Adjustment On Bailey Planes A Possibility

Here's an idea I had a while back, and have just tested out with a basic prototype.

It makes adjusting the mouth opening on bailey pattern bench planes so much easier (like a bedrock design does), allowing the blade to remain in place throughout.

I've not seen anything out there like it, so maybe it's an original idea. I hope so, and I'm sharing it as open source for all to benefit from.

I'd love to hear your views, so please leave a comment, and please share the idea around.