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25 November 2015

Etsy Shop Now Open

For those of you who would prefer a middle-man, you can now find some of my items for sale on Etsy.
My store there is Tree2Gift

17 November 2015

Craft Merchandise Now Available

I'm pleased to announce that many of my cut-offs will now be available, after some dedicated crafting, as small items to buy online. Profits will go towards keeping me producing online content - buying materials and consumables, etc.

Please don't feel obliged to buy anything, but spare it a thought when you are looking for gifts for friends and family.

You can view the selection here, or through the Shop-2-Support page.

'I ♥ Yew' bookmark

11 November 2015

The Sinking 7 Table

My current YouTube project, the Sinking 7 Table, was inspired by the crossed figure seven common in Europe. In a break from my usual hand tool heavy methods, I am experimenting with a hybrid combination which borrows some time efficient power tool use. I see this as being applicable to the hand tool enthusiast wishing to speed up projects, and the power tool user wishing to integrate true hand tool techniques into their work.

As the series goes on, please let me know if you would like to see some future projects tackled like this.

A Free SketchUp model will be available in due course, on the Downloads page. This won't have live edges, since no two trees are the same, but will show the angles and joint details, and the appropriate sizes for a well balanced occasional table, like the one in the series. Although free, I would appreciate you looking at my Shop-2-Support page, which will soon offer craft items from my workshop too.

6 November 2015

Build a Live Edge Table - The 'Sinking 7' Table

I'm starting work on a live edge version of my Sinking 7 Table.

Come watch.

Initial preparation and flattening of the slab/plank using: Hatchet,  Draw Knife, Router, Circular Saw, Plane, Card Scraper

Support from Trend

I'm reaching out to those woodworkers who still like a little extra horsepower in their shops, and covering the use of selected power tools in the building of furniture and other things wooden.

The first company to support me in this, are Trend, who have an excellent range of routing and woodworking products. I'd like to thank them for their support, and their trust in my providing fair and unbiased reviews of some of their products.

For viewers, this will mean you get to see me putting their products through their paces. A list of the products used in videos will be shown at the end, so you can pause and take notes if you wish. Full product details can be found on the Trend website.

Thank You Trend