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11 November 2015

The Sinking 7 Table

My current YouTube project, the Sinking 7 Table, was inspired by the crossed figure seven common in Europe. In a break from my usual hand tool heavy methods, I am experimenting with a hybrid combination which borrows some time efficient power tool use. I see this as being applicable to the hand tool enthusiast wishing to speed up projects, and the power tool user wishing to integrate true hand tool techniques into their work.

As the series goes on, please let me know if you would like to see some future projects tackled like this.

A Free SketchUp model will be available in due course, on the Downloads page. This won't have live edges, since no two trees are the same, but will show the angles and joint details, and the appropriate sizes for a well balanced occasional table, like the one in the series. Although free, I would appreciate you looking at my Shop-2-Support page, which will soon offer craft items from my workshop too.