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29 December 2016

Sunrise Dovetail

I'm not entirely sure that the name is correct, but I've just published a video and instructable on preparing a Japanese sunrise dovetail. Hope you like it.

Have a Great New Year's!

Wishing you all a great New Year's
Thanks for watching in 2016

8 December 2016

Butsudan Plans

You can now find free plans for the Butsudan I recently built on my Downloads page.

Don't forget to watch the associated videos on YouTube! Starting with the introduction:

Butsudan - Upcoming Build Series

5 November 2016

25,000 Subscribers on YouTube - Giveaways

One giveaway prize
Thanks to all my subscribers!

To celebrate, I'm doing some giveaways:

Check out the video to see some of what is available.

How the prizes will be allocated:

I'll be drawing videos from my back catalogue at random, and then drawing from the names of those who have left comments on those videos, for some prizes.
The plough plane will be drawn from those who comment on the review video I'm filming on it in the very near future.
And some will be drawn from those who I know have been actively commenting and sharing my videos.


So, every subscriber has a few chances, but those who have been supporting longer get a few more - that's as fare as I think I can make it

27 October 2016

A New Boomerang

Have a go at creating a boomerang

Those of an addictive or compulsive nature probably shouldn't try to fly one!

The YouTube video and Instructable should give you all you need to get started.

I made mine from pallet wood, just for the challenge of it.

Of course, you'll need to test fly and make adjustments before you achieve the perfect boomerang performance, but surely that's half the fun!

These sketches should help you visualize the aerodynamic profiles required:

21 October 2016

Router Planing Jig

The latest of my Instructables to be published is
My Router Planing Jig

You can also find A Free SketchUp model for the jig on my Downloads page.

Hope you enjoy it.

15 October 2016

T-Shirt Giveaway News

Congratulations Nick
The first Lee Cooper Workwear t-shirt giveaway on my YouTube channel was won this week by Nick (pictured right).

The letters 'K', 'O', and 'A', were included in the Tanga Tanga, Trend T31 Review, and European Walnut videos, and there were two acceptable answers: Koa, and Oak.

The next t-shirt giveaway begins now, with four letters to be included in future videos (not every video has a letter). If, I have at least one correct entry, one week after the final video is published, then a winner will be drawn then. If not, I'll issue a reminder and wait another week, and so on until there is a winner.

Remember, all you need to do is collect the letters, share the videos (any method you like), arrange the letters to make a woodworking term, and email me the word.

T-Shirts To Support Free Online Content

Some of the designs on Threadless
I've just created a Threadless shop through which to sell t-shirts and other apparel, carrying the Mitch Peacock and Cre8 branding. I'm hoping this will be an almost effortless way to allow followers to support my continued work producing free online content. Mostly that is my woodworking videos on YouTube, but also Instructables articles.

I think Threadless will be a fairly cheap way for American followers to get hold of these products, and I will look out for similar opportunities in other countries.

In the UK? If you are in the UK, then you might like to consider a short Patreon subscription, where for $5 per month you can get a link to the main logo design in Vistaprint, and use it to have a t-shirt or similar printed using their normal service.

14 October 2016

Koshikake Aritsugi Instructable

The latest of my Japanese Architectural joints Instructables has just been published. Take a look.

Koshikake Aritsugi

You can of course find a Video for the joint on my YouTube channel.

Hope you enjoy it.

13 October 2016

SAW Table Instructable

The latest of my Instructables was featured on the Instructables home page, did you see it?

My 'SAW' Table

You can also find Free Plans for the table on my Downloads page.

Hope you enjoy it.

12 October 2016

The latest of my Instructables was featured on the Instructables home page, did you see it?

Kane Tsugi Joint - 3 Way Pinned Corner Mitre

You can also find Free Plans for the joint on my Downloads page.

Hope you enjoy it.

9 October 2016

First T-shirt Giveaway Finished

Just to let you all know, I've drawn a winner for the first Lee Cooper Workwear T-shirt Giveaway. Well done Nick!

The acceptable answers were 'oak' and 'koa'

A new word will be starting very soon, so watch out for details of that on YouTube.

7 October 2016

Spiral Wind Sculpture

Published both an Instructable and Video on making my Spiral Wind Sculpture.
Depending on your starting material, this can be a really quick build with a great result. I used the off-cuts from my Spiral Planter/Table, which in turn was made from pallets.

2 October 2016

Bentley Woodfair 2016

Take a stroll around the stands at this years Bentley Woodfair.
I went back after filming to chat with the stall holders, and have included details of those I found interesting.

I filmed a few of the demonstrations going on too, such as chainsaw racing, and those will be published soon on my YouTube channel. There are links to them in the main video, but they will only become active once the videos are ready.

19 September 2016

Crossed Tenon & Mortise Splice Joint

This is the latest of several Japanese architectural joints that I've been trying out.
Have a watch, then have a go yourself.

12 September 2016

Frank's in the Viewer's Gallery Again!

Love to see what my viewer's are making, and Frank is a regular in my Viewer's Gallery.
Take a look, and send me photo's of your own creations too.

10 September 2016

30 August 2016

Ask Mitch - Wooden V-Block

Making a Wooden V-Block?

I wonder what your thoughts are on making a v block approx 1 foot long using hand tools only. This is a routine operation on a table saw, just Ange the blade, 2 cuts and done. I don't have a table saw that can do this, what is the easiest way to do this with a reasonable amount of accuracy with hand tools?

Why not rip close with a hand saw, then clean up with a shoulder plane. You can get a specialty plane that will cut a 'V', and this would probably be faster. It should also be possible to use a shoulder plane, but the centre line will shift with each cut, so you need to start the groove away from where the centre should be.
Of course, if you require an acute angle 'V' groove, then shoulder planes are out, and you would have to clean up the saw cut with chisels.

Email your questions to me at

And if you have a better answer, please comment below and/or email me

26 August 2016

Spiral Table Instructable, Video, and Free Plans

Pleased to release my latest Cre8 project, a spiral table, or is it a garden planter?
There is an Instructable (Spiral Table / Spiral Planter) and Free Plans, together with the Video. 
Hope you enjoy it.