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26 January 2016

Plane Tuning Video - Stanley No.5

21:00GMT this coming Thursday, 28th January, should see the release of my long awaited follow up to Restoration of a Stanley No.4 video, which I posted on YouTube way back in the early days of my channel.

Look for this title picture at 21:00GMT Thursday!

The video, which sees me take two neglected Stanley No.5 hand planes through a thorough process of improvement, is the first of two. The second video, yet to be filmed, will see me demonstrating how to set these planes up on a day to day basis for tackling common workshop planing tasks.

If you have ever felt that your hand plane could perform better than it does, then do spare the thirty one minutes that it takes to watch  - Yes that's right, only thirty one minutes to cover so much. Restoration of a Stanley No.4 was approaching two hours, and despite enormous praise for it's content, a frequent comment was that it was rather slow going. Hopefully this new video will be better paced for the online community.

As always, I would love you to 'give it a go' and give me feedback through the 'like', 'dislike', and 'comments' on YouTube. Using the 'share' feature to let others know about it would also be most appreciated, as many videos over ten minutes in length are often ignored in peoples search results. Also, if you can bear to let the ad's run during this one, it would be most appreciated - I've spent a long time pulling it all together, when I could have been earning ;-)

Happy woodworking!