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24 February 2016

Get Into Woodworking: Boring Tools

Get Into Woodworking: Boring Tools: More commonly known as 'drills', boring tools are used to bore holes in wood and other materials. Originally, each boring tool ...

Check out my new article on boring!

17 February 2016

Check out Scalable Table news

If you are following along with my Scalable Table build, on my Get Into Woodworking channel, then there is some exciting news on the blog

Sharpening on Diamonds series

Those of you regularly following will know that I've been testing out the diamond whetstone sharpening system for the last few months. During this time, I filmed some common sharpening tasks, and they are currently being edited and published on YouTube.
You can find a playlist for them here. This will be added to, so keep checking back, and request something if it's not there.

So far it's been a positive experience. I've learnt a few things from James Barry, for which I'm most grateful. James manufactures professional diamond whetstones, and you may spot him at woodworking shows, giving demonstration.
Find out more at his Facebook page.

The biggest revelations have been how little pressure is needed, and the benefits of using a lapping fluid rather than water (convenience and longer life).

Tuning a No.5 Video

Thanks to everyone who has watched the latest plane tuning video - Tuning a No.5. Feedback has been very positive, and already there are old no.5's that have been given a new lease of life as a result. Can't ask for more than that!

Other candidates for tuning would be a router plane, combination plane, shoulder plane, cabinet scraper. So, let me know whether you would be interested in seeing video(s) on any of those in the future.

9 February 2016

1 February 2016