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14 March 2016

Bevel Dovetail News

The bevel dovetail will soon be available on the Hand Cut Woodworking Joints site. Until then, you can view my Instructable, and YouTube video.

You can see Instructable here

and the video here

5 March 2016

TOOLMake16 Challenge - Advance Warning!

TOOLMake16 is coming soon!

Make a tool that you can't find commercially, or couldn't afford to buy. Adapt an existing tool to fit another purpose. Invent a totally new tool. Whatever you decide to do, make a video and/or take plenty of photos of the build.

Details of how to enter will appear on the Prize Draws page when the challenge is officially launched, after which you'll have about two months to get your entry in.

Manufacturers: Please join in the fun! Although not eligible for a prize, I would love to include videos of commercial tools being produced. Show the care, effort, and investment that go into producing your tools. Get in touch for details.

Prizes: If you are interested in donating a prize, please get in touch asap.