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15 April 2016

Ask Mitch - Dog Hole Spacing

No need to call the RSPCA - this is a woodworking term, not the latest craze!

That's awesome man.. question how do u determine the spacing of your dog holes?? I recently built a new bench and I have yet to drill the holes because I'm not sure how to space them and how many to put in.

The spacing is down to the vice capacity - they mustn't be further apart than the distance the vice dog can travel, otherwise you'll get lengths that can't be clamped without packing pieces. Having said that, I frequently use a packing piece, against the vice dog, to bridge the vice jaws and get the work over the main bench top.
How many? That depends on the lengths you need to hold. You could lay out for a full run of holes along the bench, and just bore the holes as and when need them - chances are you'll have some you never use!
Cheers, Mitch

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