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26 April 2016

Ask Mitch - Vise for Router Plane Sharpening

If you want a precision micro bevel on your router plane, or just don't like free hand honing it...

I've been trying to sharpen the cutters for a Stanley Router by hand with difficulty as I find them hard to grip, so found your video on this subject very instructional. The machinist vise you use seems to be just what I need and was wondering which make it is as there seems to be many different types available and I don't know which one would be best. Any help would be most appreciated .

They are tricky! My little machinist’s vise is by Brown & Sharpe Mfg.Co. of Providence RI U.S.A. and was an eBay find for a few GBP. Any small one should do, so long as the shaft of the cutter can be held ahead of the vise screw (to grip it effectively). Search 351683630301 on, or 162033502948 on both of which look okay.
Good luck, Mitch

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