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27 May 2016

Shooting Board Maintenance Tip 1

The end of the fence may suffer a little when shooting very hard woods. Here's how I crisp mine up for full support against breakout: (

25 May 2016


The second annual #TOOLMake challenge is underway.

In case you're new to the website, you'll find details about it here

Hope you'll all consider taking part, out at least checking out the playlist from time to time. There are already two entries in there!

Big thank you to those who have donated prizes so far:

Lee Cooper workwear
Joseph Marples
Footprint Tools
Tool Nut
Chestnut Products

19 May 2016

Ask Mitch - Plane Tuning

When to stop fettling frog fit...

I am fine tuning a Sargent 424 Jointer Plane frog following your videos. It is unclear to me how "dead flat" the pads holding the frog need to be. Have I proceeded enough or would you suggest continuing until the pads are flat right up to the arrows?
BTW - I am using 15µ psa sandpaper.

Nice to see you tuning an old plane for better performance.
I don't enjoy endless flattening of castings, and I tend to follow an 85 % rule of thumb. In this case that would be, 'so long as there is 85% good contact area, then stop', the remaining 15% will not make a perceivable difference.
From the photo, I would say you were there.
Finish up the tuning and give it a try.
Good luck, Mitch

Recommended watching: Hand Plane Tune Up

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17 May 2016

14 May 2016

Ways to support me Cre8 for you

I'm occasionally asked how I can be supported in cre8ing, so here's a quick run down:
  • Watch the ads that run with my YouTube videos - This costs you nothing, helps me, and you might even see a good offer! (Ads are becoming more tailored to both viewers and video content, so it's not as bad as it once was)
  • Visit my website store - there are small items to buy from my workshop
  • Visit my Etsy store, Tree2Gift - again, there are some of my smaller items for sale there
My online content is free, and I don't wish anyone to feel obliged to support it, but if you would like to, any or all of the above methods would be most appreciated.

11 May 2016

Japanese Inrō - Video and Instructable

I have just published an Instructable and Video covering the making of a simple Japanese Inrō (small wearable box).
You can find the Instructable here

The video covering the build is here

Jupiter Table - European Oak

New 'Get Into Woodworking' build now available:

1 May 2016

Panel Gauge Instructable Published

More for those of you who like Instructables, I have just published one which covers how to make a panel gauge.

You can find the Instructable here

The video covering the process is here