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26 June 2016

Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery!

Well it seems my YouTube channel's content may have spawned a few imitators! I don't have the time or the inclination to check up on these reports myself. If others are copying what I've done, then hopefully more people will benefit from the tips and techniques.
I myself have been accused of releasing two videos which bore a close resemblance to a fellow 'tuber's - I hadn't seen the so called originals and so it was purely coincidence. With almost 450 videos, I'm surprised I've not trodden on more toes!
If you see a video that looks like one of mine, ask yourself whether it really is so close in content as to be unlikely to be a coincidence, before commenting on the similarity and including a link to mine. Coincidences do happen, and most woodworkers, in my experience, are honourable folk.
Finally, if YOU are blatantly copying my content...I'm mighty flattered! (but please refrain ;-))

20 June 2016

Made in Sheffield

I had the great pleasure of seeing some of the finest tools being made this last week. 
The city of Sheffield, in South Yorkshire, England, has long been recognized as one of the top homes for quality tool manufacture.
With markets being flooded with cheap steel and tools in recent decades, the best of the best survive by continuing the emphasis on high quality production, customer satisfaction, and flexibility.
May they survive and flourish into the future.

I shall be publishing videos of both visits on my YouTube channel in the near future, as part of #TOOLMake16. More details on the #TOOLMake16 challenge here.

Footprint Tools

A family business that restructured to continue after the Great Recession (2008/9), basically because their customer's couldn't cope without them. Now that is customer care!
Edge Hardening Brick Bolsters
Footprint Tools can trace it's history back to the 18th century with the establishment of Alfred Ridge & Sons, who supplied boring tools to the navy.
Today, manufacturing and supplying a select range of high quality tools, 'Made in Sheffield', and providing a contract forging service, the family have set a good foundation for the company's future.

(Those of you in North America may see the Footprint brand on hand planes. This is by license, and they are not made at the company's works)

On a personal note, I would love to see Footprint Tools re-introduce their excellent forged woodworkers chisels.

Fitting Stock to Stem
Joseph Marples

Another family business, specializing mainly in marking and measuring tools for woodworkers. 
Manufacturing since 1840, it's fair to say they've more than got the hang of it!
Many traditional methods, mixed with a little modern technology, ensure that end users benefit from top quality tools, that will last a lifetime.
Another 'Made in Sheffield' success.
Look out for the reintroduced old Corporate mark, ‘Trial 1’ on a special, superb quality selection of their tools.

7 June 2016

Chamfuta - New to Mitch's World of Woods

Chamfuta (afzelia quanzensis)
Hope you enjoy the video

More species on my Mitch's World of Woods page.

Please comment below.

6 June 2016

#TOOLMake16 and Hand Tool Build Off 2016 to accept each other's entries!

My #TOOLMake16 challenge, and Wood by Wright's Hand Tool Build Off 2016 challenge, are happy to announce that, so long as the respective entry requirements are met, entries to either challenge can apply to enter the other one

You can find the launch videos for both challenges here:


Hand Tool Build Off 2016

Go on, make a tool!

New Prize for USA Entries to #TOOLMake16 Challenge

Great news - We finally have a prize donated for #TOOLMake16 entries specifically from the U.S.A. (my largest subscriber base).
James Wright, of Wood by Wright, is donating a Wood River rolling marking gauge. Thanks James!
Check out the next post, regarding James' current challenge

4 June 2016

Ask Mitch - Shaker Frame & Panel Doors with a No.45

Can a No.45 make a Shaker Frame & Panel Door?

have you ever tried to make a shaker style rail and stile cabinet door with the #45. I think can do it but I need to figure out the steps in the process that would eliminate serious mistakes.
let me know what your thoughts are on the subject.

Was there a particular shaker style you were hoping to emulate? I'm only familiar with the very simple and plain style, for which the 45 could plough the grooves on the rails and stiles, and cut a rounded corner rebate on the back of the panels (flute to define width, then straight cutter to remove waste).

...that is pretty much my thoughts on it also. MY problem is that I'm just not sure how to approach the tenoned end as yet. I know how to make the tenon but making a "undercut/round" to accommodate the round over on the stile at the corner. I think if I make a stopped groove on the rail the tenon won't show but that would require a square shoulder instead on the rounded shoulder that is usually found on shaker cabinet doors.
I have enclosed a pic ... this is what I want the shape to be like. if I square off the tenon on the rails and remove the same amount from the stile, I think it can be done with a #45.

I would suggest the mitred joint for the round over detail, which avoids the coped curved undercut. I would also use a longer tenon with a haunch to fill the end of the stiles grooves.
Were you going to use a bead cutter to form the round over?
I would definitely suggest making some test pieces first, but I'm pretty sure you could make a good stab at it with the 45

I agree with the miter is a good idea, and the haunch as cover. I will need to use a bead cutter ,I don't have any H&Rs yet and no wooden molding planes at all . But I believe if you do the groove first and then the bead it can be done without too much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Whether you cut the bead or form the groove first will probably be best determined by some trial attempts. Either way you will be removing material that one of the skates should be riding on, and as such you may need to install a sacrificial packing strip - easier if the groove is done first. I shall wait to hear how you get on!

Recommended watching: Living with a Stanley No.45

Email your questions to me at

And if you have a better answer, please comment below and/or email me

2 June 2016

Cre8 - Evolution Table

'Evolution' Multi-Material Coffee Table

See the finished table and links to video, instructable, and free sketchup model on my Cre8 site