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30 August 2016

Ask Mitch - Wooden V-Block

Making a Wooden V-Block?

I wonder what your thoughts are on making a v block approx 1 foot long using hand tools only. This is a routine operation on a table saw, just Ange the blade, 2 cuts and done. I don't have a table saw that can do this, what is the easiest way to do this with a reasonable amount of accuracy with hand tools?

Why not rip close with a hand saw, then clean up with a shoulder plane. You can get a specialty plane that will cut a 'V', and this would probably be faster. It should also be possible to use a shoulder plane, but the centre line will shift with each cut, so you need to start the groove away from where the centre should be.
Of course, if you require an acute angle 'V' groove, then shoulder planes are out, and you would have to clean up the saw cut with chisels.

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