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15 October 2016

T-Shirts To Support Free Online Content

Some of the designs on Threadless
I've just created a Threadless shop through which to sell t-shirts and other apparel, carrying the Mitch Peacock and Cre8 branding. I'm hoping this will be an almost effortless way to allow followers to support my continued work producing free online content. Mostly that is my woodworking videos on YouTube, but also Instructables articles.

I think Threadless will be a fairly cheap way for American followers to get hold of these products, and I will look out for similar opportunities in other countries.

In the UK? If you are in the UK, then you might like to consider a short Patreon subscription, where for $5 per month you can get a link to the main logo design in Vistaprint, and use it to have a t-shirt or similar printed using their normal service.