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14 November 2017

Making a Wooden Maul

So I needed a wooden maul to help split leg blanks from a hunk of apple. Using a metal club hammer, as I did for the spindles last December, does damage to the back of the froe, and is therefore not recommended.

Looking through my firewood pile, I found an ideal piece of hardwood. It had come from a neighbour, and I'm not sure what species it was although it's possible it may have been a rhododendron. Anyway, that's not important in this instance - Wooden mauls get mashed up during use, and are very much considered consumable items to be replaced as needed. This piece was a good size and weight in the palm, and it had a large scar from where a branch amputation had healed around that would allow it to sit steady rather than roll around.
A hunt in the workshop turned up a large wooden dowel, that was once the centre of a roller-blind, which would make a fine handle.
To see how I made the wooden maul, check out the Instructable, and watch the video.
Let me know what you think

19 October 2017

Win a Lee Cooper Workwear T-shirt

The latest conundrum giveaway wasn't won, so here's a chance to enter a free draw for the prize of a Lee Cooper Workwear t-shirt.

Visit me on Facebook or Twitter to take part

19 September 2017

Live Streams?

I've offered to provide some live stream video from the workshop to my supporters on Patreon. I'm waiting to hear the response, but if that's something that would interest you then head over to Patreon and for as little as $1/month you could get a chance to influence this, and other, decisions.
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29 August 2017

100% Wood Challenge - Project 1

In the first 100% Wood Challenge, Dorian Bracht and myself build footstools to an agreed specification. Hard to imagine how different they turned out.
Check out the build videos by clicking on the pictures:

12 August 2017

Cut Nails

Cut nails are a link back to earlier times, but they also hold really well and are a nice indulgence.
I recently saw this short video about a guy who still makes them.

23 July 2017

Busy, busy

Repair and Renovation Job - Display Case
It's been a while since my last blog post. Things have been busy in life generally, and the blog posts are just one of the things that got squeezed out.

Renovation Job - Blanket Box
In the meantime, I've continued to post new YouTube videos, with the emphasis mainly on what I'm building or repairing for clients, rather than the raw ideas that come from my head. Take a look - I hope you find them interesting too.

Repair and Renovation Job - Bookcase Over Drawers
Mitch's World of Woods has grown, and I have a stack of new timbers to get through in the months ahead. Again, go take a look.

Commission - Accessibility Steps

Finally, #TOOLMake17 is entering it's final week for entries. There are some great builds on the playlist - well worth a look.

Current Repair and Renovation Job - Wash Stand

17 June 2017

Saturday Workshops - Pam's latest project

Well done to Pam, who completed the coffee table she started last Saturday, at today's workshop.
Made entirely from recycled wood (mostly from a euro-pallet).
Pam has really stepped up her game, using mortise and tenon joinery for the base, and planing sprung joints for the glued up, three board, top.
Yes, those are holes in the rail - we used a new technique to disassemble the pallet, and the resulting holes were left as reminders.

23 May 2017

Ask Mitch - Obtuse Dovetail Joint

In response to a request from Matthew, who wants to make a stool using a dovetail joint that doesn't meet at ninety degrees, here is my take on hand cutting a dovetail joint at an obtuse angle. Instructable and YouTube versions here:
If you have a question, please email me at
Got a better solution for Matthew? Then please comment below.

18 May 2017

Build a Bow Saw

Check out my bow saw build on YouTube and Instructables.

These saws have been around for ages, and work very well. I have free plans available on my downloads page too. Bespoke blades are available, but broken band saw blades are ideal too.


12 May 2017

How to Make a Wiggly Seal

Check out my wiggly seal on YouTube and Instructables.

These 'toys' have been around for centuries, and never loose their appeal.

Band saws and modern adhesives, speed up making them and extend their lifetime respectively.


3 May 2017

Shave Horse

You may have seen one of my shave horse videos recently.
I have now produced a SketchUp model and simple plans, which are available on my Downloads page.
If you build one based on these, please send me a photo for the Viewer's Gallery!

The model and plans are free of charge, but donations are most welcome

30 April 2017


#TOOLMake17 just launched!
Check out the launch video:
More details on my 'Prize Draws' page

21 April 2017

Can You Help?

I've been asked how to get Quangsheng high angle blades in the US - more here
Any info would be greatly received, either in comments or by email

8 April 2017

Saturday Workshops - Winter 2017

Proud of my Saturday Workshop students, who completed their six sessions today.

Pam completed her oak firewood box, crafted from a short 2" thick plank - a complete beginner this winter, Pam has embraced planer/thicknesser, table saw, band saw, scroll saw, drill press, and sanding station, as well as hand tool work.

Steve used his practice at hand cut joints over the first four sessions to make a small open box with both finger and dovetail joints. Steve's practice is paying off, with tighter joints and a better understanding of hand tool use.

Ollie completed his main build, a key storage board/tray, and also his first turned bowl. Along the way he also made a host of other little items, including a fidget spinner - very productive. You may recognise Ollie's dad, Tony, who won the latest Lee Cooper Workwear t-shirt - I assure you there was no cheating going on there.

I'm hoping to run another six sessions in May/June, so if you're interested in having a go yourself get in touch

7 April 2017

#TOOLMake17 is coming!

Check out the Prize Draws page for information on the upcoming TOOLMake17 challenge

Some great prizes up for grabs so far from:

Get in touch if you would like to donate a prize

23 March 2017

Win a Japanese Saw

Workshop Heaven are going to donate a Japanese saw for this year's TOOLMake challenge, and YOU get to help decide which saw they donate!
You can see them in action in my latest Saws & Sawing video, out this weekend, and I shall be filming a review of the four saws to choose from very soon.
Keep watching on YouTube, and checking back here for further details.

8 March 2017

Find the t-shirt with a letter on it in each of my following videos and rearrange them to spell a four letter woodworking related word (clue: a green woodworking tool). Email or message me the word to be entered into a draw for a t-shirt from Lee Cooper Workwear.
Good Luck!

4 February 2017

Building a Sawyer's Bench

I built a sawyer's bench last week. The whole process was filmed, and will be published unabridged (although with sections speeded up) on my YouTube channel over the next week or two. Watch the first part here

Posing at the newly built sawyer's bench!
A sawyer's bench could be seen as a luxury... read the full article

19 January 2017

Latest Lee Cooper T-Shirt Winner

Congratulations to Lee, who won the latest t-shirt giveaway on my Youtube channel:
(left to right: Lee, Nick)

Magician Inspired Floating Shelf

I was inspired by a magician friend to build a playing cards and tea-light shelf:

I think it turned out well, but more importantly, so did he.

There's a YouTube video and Instructable covering the process - take a look!