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8 April 2017

Saturday Workshops - Winter 2017

Proud of my Saturday Workshop students, who completed their six sessions today.

Pam completed her oak firewood box, crafted from a short 2" thick plank - a complete beginner this winter, Pam has embraced planer/thicknesser, table saw, band saw, scroll saw, drill press, and sanding station, as well as hand tool work.

Steve used his practice at hand cut joints over the first four sessions to make a small open box with both finger and dovetail joints. Steve's practice is paying off, with tighter joints and a better understanding of hand tool use.

Ollie completed his main build, a key storage board/tray, and also his first turned bowl. Along the way he also made a host of other little items, including a fidget spinner - very productive. You may recognise Ollie's dad, Tony, who won the latest Lee Cooper Workwear t-shirt - I assure you there was no cheating going on there.

I'm hoping to run another six sessions in May/June, so if you're interested in having a go yourself get in touch