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23 May 2017

Ask Mitch - Obtuse Dovetail Joint

In response to a request from Matthew, who wants to make a stool using a dovetail joint that doesn't meet at ninety degrees, here is my take on hand cutting a dovetail joint at an obtuse angle. Instructable and YouTube versions here:
If you have a question, please email me at
Got a better solution for Matthew? Then please comment below.

18 May 2017

Build a Bow Saw

Check out my bow saw build on YouTube and Instructables.

These saws have been around for ages, and work very well. I have free plans available on my downloads page too. Bespoke blades are available, but broken band saw blades are ideal too.


12 May 2017

How to Make a Wiggly Seal

Check out my wiggly seal on YouTube and Instructables.

These 'toys' have been around for centuries, and never loose their appeal.

Band saws and modern adhesives, speed up making them and extend their lifetime respectively.


3 May 2017

Shave Horse

You may have seen one of my shave horse videos recently.
I have now produced a SketchUp model and simple plans, which are available on my Downloads page.
If you build one based on these, please send me a photo for the Viewer's Gallery!

The model and plans are free of charge, but donations are most welcome