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23 July 2017

Busy, busy

Repair and Renovation Job - Display Case
It's been a while since my last blog post. Things have been busy in life generally, and the blog posts are just one of the things that got squeezed out.

Renovation Job - Blanket Box
In the meantime, I've continued to post new YouTube videos, with the emphasis mainly on what I'm building or repairing for clients, rather than the raw ideas that come from my head. Take a look - I hope you find them interesting too.

Repair and Renovation Job - Bookcase Over Drawers
Mitch's World of Woods has grown, and I have a stack of new timbers to get through in the months ahead. Again, go take a look.

Commission - Accessibility Steps

Finally, #TOOLMake17 is entering it's final week for entries. There are some great builds on the playlist - well worth a look.

Current Repair and Renovation Job - Wash Stand