Latest News:   I am gathering information for a book I shall be writing very soon, whilst also working on a new series of videos for my YouTube channel based on items appearing in the films of Akira Kurosawa. Such as this lantern, which I spotted in the background of either Sanjuro or Yojimbo.

The build of each of these projects can be followed on my Patreon page, and eventually an overview of each entire build will feature on my YouTube channel.

Plans for my Writing Slope Plans are available for my writing slope on the Downloads page where you'll find many other plans too. See build videos here, on my YouTube channel, and photo's of the slope, on it's own page.

I have been creating, primarily in wood, for almost two decades.
My style is contemporary modernist, but with influences from traditional Japanese design, among other things.
'Unplugged' woodworking is a particular passion of mine, but I truly recognise the role of good machines and power tools in making some of my creations affordable to a wider audience.

 YouTube   In recent years I have grown a following on YouTube, where I present videos for anyone working with wood, or interested in woodworking. Videos cover a whole range of abilities and topics, including tutorials, builds, and tool reviews. They can be found on my channel. Subscribe and hit the notification icon, in YouTube, to hear when new titles are released.

 Portfolio   Please take a look through the gallery, accessible on all pages in the left panel, which contains a growing selection of my work.

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I also teach woodworking, both in person, and through online videos:

If you would like more information, please drop me a line at mail@womadeod.co.uk