Spring 2022


Due to an ongoing flare-up of arthritis, my time in the workshop has been very limited of late. I'm hoping that this will improve over the next few months. Sadly this has meant less content for YouTube, and the milestone of fifty thousand subscribers is still not passed.

Photo of oak and pine coffee table

I recently made this character oak and pine coffee table for our daughter and her partner, using a mix of power and hand tool joinery and techniques.

When possible, I have been trying some more green woodworking, making dowels/pegs and shrink pots so far, and beginning on a small joint chest.
In the past I have tried green turning on a pole lathe, and green timber framing on a large picnic bench, and it's been nice to return to the wet wood game.

About me:
I have been creating, primarily in wood, for almost two decades.
My style is contemporary modernist, but with influences from traditional Japanese design, among other things.
'Unplugged' woodworking is a particular passion of mine, but I truly recognise the role of good machines and power tools in making some of my creations affordable to a wider audience.
My YouTube channel has videos for a range of abilities and woodworking interests.

For more information, please drop me a line at mail@womadeod.co.uk