Antique Veneered Box Repair part 1
The sympathetic repair of an old box that looks the worse for wear
December 2018

Asanoha Kumiko Pattern
How to add some flare to a shoji screen, or adorne a box, carcase side, drawer front, etc. with a kumiko pattern
November 2018

Choosing and Sourcing Materials
The beginning of a new project gives me time to reflect on an important part of all builds
October 2018

Garden Woodworking
How I design, build and maintain, for the garden
September 2018

Creating Custom Joints (The Design Process 2)
Custom joints for my naturalistic what-not
August 2018

The Design Process (1)
How I designed my latest commission, a naturalistic what-not
July 2018

Through Dovetails - Myth and Mastery
Are dovetails really difficult, and how to master through dovetails
June 2018

Crafty Sales for the Furniture Maker
A cautionary tale on the value of using off-cuts
May 2018

Chisel Sharpening
How to sharpen your chisel, with videos and product suggestions
April 2018

Plane Iron Sharpening
How to sharpen your plane iron, with videos and product suggestions
March 2018