Planes, Chisels, & Scrapers

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No.8 Jointer and a tiny block plane
Does your plane struggle to take shavings easily, never managing to produce a smooth surface? Do you need a mallet to get your chisel to cut? And does your scraper only produce dust?

Join me for one or two days, and find out how to get more from these single edge tools.

Day 1 - Improvements
0930-1600 (with a 1hr break for lunch)

All but the most expensive planes and chisels will benefit from a bit of attention. Day 1 focuses on preparing these tools to work as well as they can. Bring your poor performing tools along, and give them some TLC.

Plane Tuning:
  • Initial assessment
  • Sole flattening
  • Wing squaring
  • Frog to body fit
  • Frog flattening
  • Mouth squaring
  • Chip breaker preparation
  • Handles
Chisel Tuning:
  • Flat back
  • Primary bevel
  • Handle
Sharpening (plane iron, chisel, scraper):
  • Honing guides
  • Scary Sharp - The sandpaper on glass technique
  • Stroping on MDF or leather
Plane Setup:
  • Bevel angles for different woods
  • Open or Closed mouth - setting the frog position
  • Chip Breaker positioning
If time allows:
  • Waterstones, oilstones, diamond plates, etc.
  • Power Sharpening

Day 2 - Day to Day Use
0930-1600 (with a 1hr break for lunch)

We'll look at plane setups for different work, before tackling the basics of component preparation and edge jointing with a bench plane. Then we'll look at chisel and scraper technique, and finally cover shooting boards.

Plane Setup:
  • Bevel angles for different woods
  • Open or Closed mouth - setting the frog position
  • Chip Breaker positioning
Square & True:
  • Face side
  • Face edge
Edge Jointing:
  • Parallel
  • Spring
Chisel Technique

  • Card scrapers
  • Cabinet scrapers

Shooting Boards:
With the aid of some simple jigs, the bench plane can easily perform very accurate and delicate tasks.

Standard Shooting Board:
  • Construction
  • Use
  • Add-ons
Mitre Shooting Board:
  • Construction
  • Use
  • Add-ons
Shooting Sandwich:
  • Jointing edges
  • Shooting veneer

For enquiries, please email me (

From only £75/day (class size of 4-6)
Small classes (2-3) from £100/day
One-to-One courses by arrangement
Discounts for unemployed, students, and pensioners

A 20% deposit is requested on booking.
The balance payable either in advance or on the day (whichever suits you).
Payment by can be made by PayPal or cash (GBP).
(Cheques (in GBP) drawn on a U.K. bank must clear by the course start date).

Should you cancel between booking and the course starting, then so long as I can fill your place, or have not incurred any expense booking the venue or buying materials, then you will receive a full refund of monies paid.
Should I have to cancel for any reason, you will be offered a full refund of monies paid.

No lunch is provided, and participants are asked to bring whatever they may require. Tea, coffee, and biscuits are provided on a help yourself basis throughout the day.

All participants are required take responsibility for their own safety, and to sign registration forms agreeing to this. Examples can be seen here

Should you feel, at any point during the course, that you are not happy, please tell me. If I can't do anything to improve the situation, then I will offer you at least a pro-rata refund for the time that remains.