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Woodworking Tools at Banggood
(March 2021)

Review of Pony Jorgensen Clamps
(January 2020)

Review Summary
InvisQi invisible wireless charger*
Easy to mount in furniture. Works through at least an inch of wood with no problem. Nice looking if located under glass. UK ≈ £64
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Evolution R255MTS 255mm/10" Table Saw
Cheap but effective saw. Takes a while to assemble on stand and with table extensions. Pressed steel table not perfectly flat. Noisy motor. Mitre fence a little sloppy. UK ≈ £150
Evolution R210SMS Sliding Mitre Saw
Good saw, especially for the money, but you will need to assemble it
Odie's Oil
Provisionally 7/10 Potential 9/10
Awaiting long term results
Great variable focus glasses for close work. Expensive
6/10 (if ignoring cost then I would rate them 8/10)
Gyokucho 1151/651/400/303 Japanese Saws
1151 9/10 (best flush cut I've used)
651 7/10 (rip too coarse for me)
400 8/10 (good for larger scale joinery)
303 9/10 (leaves a great finish)
Evolution F210CMS compound mitre saw
Very portable, capable, noisy, dusty, cheap
Starrett Jig Saw Blades - various
Very impressed. Best jig saw blades I've come across
BU41014 / BU224 / BU38 / BU2DCS all 9/10+
BU310T 8/10,  BU3DC 7/10
Quangsheng Luban No.043 Plough Plane + Kerfing Blade from Workshop Heaven in the UK
Great little plough plane and capable kerfing saw
Trend Craft Pro Saw Blade CSB/CC25572
Well performing blade at a good price
Trend T31 Dust Extractor
Good extraction capability. Not very stable. Filter bags break easily
Evolution Mitre Saw Stand
Packs small for transport, stable, extension supports and feet could be better
Evolution Fury-B Circular Saw
Great saw, which even has pretty good dust extraction
9/10 (optional stone cutting blade was very good)
Evolution FURY3XL sliding mitre saw
Pretty good saw, and good value for money. Poor dust extraction
8/10 (wood and multi-material blades both scored 9/10)
Trend VariJig System : Good alternative to other guide systems
VJS/G/100 Straight Guide 9/10
VJS/AG/36 Angle Guide 8/10
VJS/CG/SBP Saw Base Plate 8/10
Apollo Pro-Spray 1500-3s : 9/10 Great results, feels robust
FujiSpray Semi-Pro 2 : 8/10 Great results, query air filtering
Trend T11 Router
Very capable router, with good support
Lee Cooper Workwear Vests & Jackets
Comfortable, with plenty of zippered pockets
Lee Cooper Boots and Hats
Well made and comfortable
Lee Cooper Tops
Comfortable, wear well, fair price
Trend DWS/KIT/B Diamond Honing & Polishing
Great little kit
Trend Mortise and Tenon Jig (MT/JIG)
Does what it says, but setup time is slow (better for multiple cuts)
Axminster Rider Sharpening Station Kit
Neat solution to sharpening, giving very good results
Foam Backed Abrasives and Abrasive Blocks - Available from
Very useful addition to the abrasive arsenal
Review of building X-Carve from Inventables
Well made components, easy to build, time consuming
Cheap Diamond Sharpening Stones
The market is awash with these under many brands. Cheap and cheerful, they won't take abuse, but used carefully they get the job done
Axminster Rider No.4
Great entry level plane for serious new woodworkers
Quangsheng No.62 Low Angle Jack Plane - Update
Checking the sole for flatness and square, which was very good
Quangsheng No.62 Low Angle Jack Plane
Very good plane and excellent value for money compared to competition. Also see above update
Quangsheng Side Rebate Plane
Fairly well made, but a little expensive for what it is
Silverline Engineer's Square - Required a little fettling. Good value
Bahco CS300 Combination Square - Pretty good for the price
Irwin Xpert 3055 and PowerFix KH3223 crosscut saws
Irwin 4/10 - I've since heard from others who rate this highly
Powerfix 7/10 - Good toolbox saw
Veritas® Miniature Router Plane
Really useful piece of kit, but let down by design and manufacture
UJK Technology Depth Gauge
Handy tool, well made, although could offer more
Workzone WSD 3.6 P2 Power Screwdriver
Comfortable and compact, but battery capacity could be better
Moisture Meters
Powerfix 6/10 - Functional but not so easy to read accurately
Timbermaster 8/10 - Clear and easy to use, but expensive

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