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Discover some of the many wood species available to woodworkers these days.
Some are my old favorites, while others I will be experiencing for the first time.

Donations of any wood species, not yet covered, much appreciated (CITIES permitting).
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Look up the species you require in the table below (you can sort on any column in some browsers)

Species Latin Video link
African Padauk pterocarpus soyauxii
European White Oak quercus petraea /
quercus robur
Panga Panga millettia stuhlmannii
American White Oak quercus alba
Chamfuta afzelia quanzensis
American Walnut juglans nigra
Milk Pear Inhambanella henriquesii
European Ash fraxinus excelsior
Tanga Tanga albizia ferruginea/versicolor
European Walnut juglans regia
Lemonwood xymalos monospora
Rimu dacrydium cupressinum
Kauri Pine
(New Zealand)
agathis australis
Jarrah eucalyptus marginata
Narra pterocarpus indicus
Pohutakawa metrosideros excelsa
marmaroxylon racemosum
Kiaat pterocarpus angolensis
Holly (Common,
English, European)
ilex aquifolium
Blackwood (African) dalbergia melanoxylon
Balata manilkara bidentata
Osage Orange maclura pomifera
European Olivewood olea europeae
European Cherry prunus avium
Dark Red Meranti shorea spp.
Light Red Meranti shorea spp.
Zebrano microberlinia brazzavillensis
Ebony (African) diospyrus crassiflora
Silver Ash flindersia schottiana
Hard Maple acer saccharum
(African Rosewood)
guibourtia demeusei
Scots Pine
pinus sylvestris
Tasmanian Oak eucalyptus delegatensis/
Queensland Maple flindersia brayleyana/
Puriri vitex lucens
Brush Box lophostemon confertus
Hoop Pine araucaria cunninghamii
Australian Silky Oak cardwellia sublimis
Blackbean castanospermum australe
European Beech fagus sylvatica
Mango mangifera indica
English Elm ulmus procera
American Red Elm ulmus rubra
Whitewood, American
(aka Tulipwood)
liriodendron tulipifera
Iroko (aka mvule, odum,
kambala, tule, moreira)
chlorophora excelsa


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plus others:
Individual videos carry specific references

Thanks to fellow woodworkers and those involved in the wood supply business, who have all been generous with their knowledge.