Winners & Prizes 2019

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Thanks to the help of supporters,
judging has been a breeze this year, but it has also meant that there was a tie for overall #TOOLMake Champion.
As such, I have decided to name two Champions:
Make Things    &     Daniel Szekely 
Furthermore, due to the low number of entries this year, all of which offered something special,
every entrant gets a prize!

Thanks to the following supporters for these great prizes
Please visit there websites to show your support

Supporter Prize Info & Winners
Evolution Power Tools
R185CCSL circular saw
Stavros Gakos
Footprint ToolsMix of ten, Sheffield made, Footprint old stock, solid center or Jennings pattern augers bits
Daniel Szekely
From the Heart Wood MK
Glorious Olivewood

BU4-19 Blade pack
Bambi Air Compressors
Apollo Spraymate HVLP
Stavros Gakos
Wood Workers Workshop
FastCap GluBot bottle 16oz
FastCap GluBot tip kit
Daniel Szekely
Classic Hand Tools
The Winsor Workshop Chairmakers Travisher
Selection of CA glue products
Make Things
Bench Cookie Plus Master Kit
Make Things

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