#TOOLMake Challenge

The #TOOLMake logo
© 2019 Mitch Peacock
You are free to use it in #TOOLMake challenge videos
and for #TOOLMake Challenge promotion

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Supporting with prizes this year where:

Evolution Power Tools
Footprint Tools
From the Heart Wood MK
Bambi Air Compressors
Wood Workers Workshop
Classic Hand Tools

How to Enter:

Video the building or adapting of a tool (any tool!) and upload to YouTube
It's almost that simple! - see full requirements and rules at the bottom of the page
This challenge is now over
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The Winners
See the winners this year.

Last Years Results and the #TOOLMake18 Champion:

What about next year?

I also plan to run #TOOLMake20, so please get in touch if you are interested in
sponsoring, donating prizes, advertising, or taking part in that.

How to Support #TOOLMake19 (Sponsor/Prize Donors):

Please contact me by email if you are interested in supporting #TOOLMake19. The commitments I require, and which I will give in return, are outlined below.

Commitment from Supporters

Prize Donors:
Agree to supply a prize directly to one of the winners, within 28 days of the challenge ending and my notifying the name and address of a winner.
A geographic limit on the prize can be set to keep control of shipping costs, but this must be notified from the outset.
Supply a logo image and a prize image, together with permission for me to use these in connection with the challenge.

Challenge Sponsor:
As per Prize Donors (below), plus:
Online promotion of the challenge (e.g. Pop-up notice on your online store, Social media post, etc.).
Donation towards covering the cost of my time administering the challenge.

Commitment from myself to all Supporters:

Host the #TOOLMake19 challenge on my YouTube channel.
Include supporters’ logos and verbal “thank you to...” in both challenge launch video,
and results video.
Individually thank supporters in my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram streams.

In addition, a Sponsor 
would receive opening and closing messages in
challenge launch video, update video(s), and results video.

Full Entry Details

Challenge Entry Requirements:

Video the building or adapting of any tool.
Add the #TOOLMake19 logo in the first five seconds your video*.
(click logo above, then right click and 'Save picture as' to download the .png file)
Upload to YouTube anytime in June 2019.
Place "This is my entry to #TOOLMake19", and links to this page, the launch video, and to the #TOOLMake19 playlist, in the first four lines of your video's description.
Email me the URL (link) to the video, plus your full name and postal address, before the end of 30th June 2019.
Check your video appears on my #TOOLMake19 playlist by the end of 1st July 2019.

*If you aren't able to add images to your video in an editor, video the logo (onscreen, printed out, or just drawn) in the background during the first five seconds.

Challenge Rules:

The challenge is open to all, although professional tool companies will not be eligible for prizes.
Entries must adhere to the Challenge Entry Requirements (above).
Videos must be suitable for all age groups.
Videos must be published for the first time, between the 1st and 30th June 2019.
Videos must be the entrant's own work (any copyright infringement will invalidate an entry).
A maximum of three entries are allowed per entrant.
Prize winners will be selected by myself and/or individual prize donators.
Some prizes will be limited to geographic location. Where this is the case, I will attempt to make it clear from the outset.
Prizes are direct from the donators, and I take no liability for them being supplied other than to pass on the winners' names and addresses.
I retain the right to cancel the challenge, or amend the rules, at any stage, for any reason. 

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